Two popular techniques, among several, are called Quantum Consciousness and Universal Consciousness.  Quantum Consciousness uses principles, recognized by modern science as applicable to particles and energy, as, by parallel, applicable to each person’s inner being.  Such concepts are used in a structured session to allow the client to experience seven levels of their being, gathering insight and wisdom recognized as relevant to the issue brought forward for the session.  Universal Consciousness is less structured, but also facilitates the access of a person’s expanded being to directly address the issue brought forward for the session. 

There are several ways to address questions you might have about your life.  There are other methods we can use including Past Life Regression, on its own, if desired. 

Typically I blend approaches during a session to suit the needs of the client at the time.  

It can be shown that each individual already has all the answers they need to successfully complete this life once they allow themselves to access them.  In fact, there are simple methods now to go even beyond the subconscious mind to facilitate connection with the super conscious and beyond where people can experience their total being and bring back steps to help them with so many difficulties.  Each one of us can be allowed to remember all that we are and find our own ways to deal with life. 

Sometimes in life we feel we are carrying weight we should not have to or perhaps we can get a bit stuck or even off the path.  When you feel you need a little assistance to get out of the place you are in and get back to what you are supposed to be doing or even if you just wish to shed the weight of uncertainty, come and work with me.  I am here to help you because I have been through it all myself.  Helping you find the answers you need to move forward with less weight on your shoulders or get out of the box canyon you find yourself in or even to move out of the wilderness and find your path is what I can assist with. 

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