Yes, there is necessarily a financial outlay for the sessions.  The best way for you to view parting with your hard-earned cash for a session is to rightly consider it as an investment in your future; an investment in you.  It may well deliver a higher return on your investment than even the much-heralded retail therapy can offer.  You do this for you.

What to expect in a session

As you are aware the word hypnosis if from Greek “to sleep” and, while we are not going to sleep, the hypnotherapy approach is based on relaxation.  We will look to relax, slow the mind down, dropping below the active brainwave pattern without going so far as the sleep state.  If you do become so relaxed that you start snoring, however, I will nudge you back to a space we can work in.  We aim to reach a relaxed brain activity level that will allow us to deal directly with the subconscious.  In this relaxed state a person is fully aware of what is going on while being totally in contact with whatever aspect of their being they need to for dealing with the chosen issue.   In this space we will simply have a conversation to facilitate a person’s ability to recall whatever they require to address their intent.

For example, in the relaxed state, emotions and their origins can be encountered.  A person can connect with memories, events and outcomes from throughout this life.  Stepping a little further, those from before the commencement of this life, or of other lifetimes, can be accessed as well.  In this state a person is still in control and cannot be made to say or do anything they do not wish to so there is nothing to worry about.  The sessions typically run for sixty to ninety minutes and a person will conclude feeling ready to resume their usual waking day.

So, just wear comfortable clothing for the session, decide whether to fully recline on the sofa or sit in a reclining chair for your session; then close your eyes, breathe, relax and talk to me.

Get ready for your future, improve your present; understand your past.

What will it cost?

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Hypnotherapy is a way to step out of the tornado of everyday life and find the answers you need.  To support yourself in this event first just set the intent for your session.  Picture your current situation and then picture what you would prefer it to be. 

In the session just allow yourself to let go of the everyday and connect with your heart, the window to your soul.  By letting go of the everyday and feeling into your heart you will allow yourself to connect through the heart to your soul, where all your answers await. 

When you have your answers allow yourself to return and get back to the everyday as needed.

Hypnotherapy is so simple. 

Decide you want your answer; allow yourself to let go and move through your heart to your soul and connect to your soul knowing. 

Gather your answers and return to hold them where they will always be accessible. 

Return to the everyday and move forward with what you need in place.

Just allow. 

Just remember. 

A standard session is up to around 90 minutes and will cost $100.00  Past Life Regression sessions are often longer, can take up to 180 to 210 minutes or so and cost $200.00.