Why Hypnotherapy?


It is a fundamental tenant of this life on Earth that it will be difficult.  Each of us is here to learn something important.  It can seem that everyday life gets in the way of this learning.  In fact, there are times in every life that the everyday seems to make life overly or unnecessarily difficult.  It is all too common, for example, that we have one or more of the following issues:

Self-doubt, even going as far as anxiety or depression because we may feel there is nothing to be done

Addictions or compulsions as we struggle to find ways to cope

Child / Parent relationship troubles as each works to find their own identity

Loss or bereavement

Self-image and even life path uncertainties

Lost time or missing information from periods in life

Past life, including, overlaps or intrusions on the here and now

One way to approach answers to life’s questions, to actually allow yourself to find some level of certainty, is hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy has evolved considerably and its application is little like that shown in popular movies or television shows.  It can be used to assist in many areas people find difficult in their lives.  It is simply a method people can use to step around barriers carried in the conscious mind, which is busy with day to day activities, to reach the subconscious mind where people can find answers to quite important questions they have about themselves and their lives.  It is also a way to discover that there is so much more to each one of us than we have been led to believe all of our lives.