There are six audio experiences you can enjoy.  Be sure to listen only in  place of safety and calm.  Do not listen when operating equipment or in a place where a lack of concentration may cause harm to yourself or others.   The recording takes some seconds to start after clicking on the central START arrow.  You can get to listen to the second one after the golden snowflake if you wish by hitting the start arrow again. You can toggle to the second recording and so on by hitting the return arrow on the left.

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  • golden snowflake 3 1910:52
  • planet of healing 3 197:45
  • put down your burden9:25
  • the garden at the center of the universe 8 197:48
  • Soul Wisdom 3 20206:27
  • The Inn 26 4 20206:59

Just click on the text above to read the blog.  Topics so far are no more than a page or two and include:

Looking beyond the fear

Museum of futility

Diversity is strength


Snowflakes and more

Love is the balance



​Listening with your heart


I shop therefore I am

Doing one thing


Putting down the burden




Lessons from gold

​Letting go


​A word on the ordinary life

​Statistics and when science blinks

Truck driving son-of-a-gun


​This moment

​It is enough just being you

​The pieces are simply loaded in sequence.  If there is one you are looking for toward the bottom of the list just scroll down until you see the centered title.

Additional titles

Giving without thought of receipt


​Water as a guide



Personal strength; defining one's self

​Self determination - choice

​Returning to the source

​Love of others

​Knowing continuity




Love of all


​Love of self






​Keeping Still

​What is it with some people


Fire extinguisher

​Garden at the center of the universe