In addition to Quantum Consciousness and Universal Consciousness, there are other approaches that can be applied. 

There is one which can be used to find the answer to  major questions about your life, for example it has been used by clients to understand the source of  a major life hurdle such as “why do I struggle so in my relationships with others?”

There are another three which can be used as a group, or singly, if desired.  They can be used sequentially to get Back on the Trail of your life in three steps. 

The first of the three is a healing method for those looking to recover from the many injuries to the mind and the soul arising from this or previous lives. 

Following the healing a second session can be explored to learn how to deal with the main issues this life presents. 

The final session is to understand how this life fits in the overall picture of the soul’s schooling on Earth and ultimately the evolution plan of the soul altogether.

These three sessions are best run on three separate days, but can be run in two if there is a need to compress the schedule.  If just one of the three is enough for now, the approach can be used in isolation, just select the most important one for now if you wish.