It can be said that our natural state (resonance) is calm, knowing and trust in all there is.  Events in our lives can lead to separation from this natural state.  Feelings (vibrations), in emotions or body, can be seen to simply be requests for a return to the natural state (frequencies).  The Universal Consciousness session is an expansive experience facilitating the client to go beyond the conscious mind to his or her own knowing of what is required to return to the natural state or resonance. 

We start and finish in the Present Consciousness, stepping outward to access each part of your existence in order to access your wisdom and healing.  We create an experience that moves beyond time and space as well as the restrictions of the physical body and human intellect.  We bring awareness to other realities and dimensions where our consciousness already resides.  At each step we can share the learning and healing with the universe so that in your healing you help heal the cosmos. 

To move from the present to the stored consciousness we let go of time, to access our knowing at any point in this life’s timeline.  To move to Alternate Consciousness we move beyond space to look at other timelines our souls inhabit through major decisions.  To reach Parallel Consciousness we step beyond this body or versions of this body to learn from any other form we may have held.  Reaching Interdimensional Consciousness means we transcend the human form to access wisdom found in realms not limited by difficult Earth-type living.  Extending to the Eternal Consciousness we give up the need for any type of body.  What is left is simply known as All There Is.

Returning to the Present, we retain all the learnings and healing from the multiple realms.