In my own life I have been allowed to recall about ten percent of the lives I have had on this Earth.  I have put these lives, in story form, into three books.  Two books are available from me directly or on Amazon, obtainable as paperback or Kindle.    The third will be on Amazon soon.  In my view, these stories differ from other accounts of past lives in that each holds a summary of the learnings I achieved from each life.  It is hoped that by revealing my own journey it will aid others to acknowledge their own and, therefore, appreciate how each one of us shares a sacred bond especially in coming to grips with the time we spend on Earth to learn.

The first book is titled: How Life Works; a four story fireside companion.  The second book is of a similar title and is shown below.    The third has the same title, with the subtitle of  a third fireside companion.  I have also been interviewed on Radio Out There about the first two books.  See  program-702-past-lives-explored for the hour long chat.  There is a second interview about book three: see program 757 Cloudy how life works.